... for him ... Friday, February 13, 2009

tick tock tick tock Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Been a while I didn’t post anything. I guess I’ve lost the momentum... just a little maybe and now I’m trying to get it back.. pheww…

Looking at my schedule officially, personally and financially… wow… I just have ‘cukup2’ time for all that.. and soon it’ll be 2010.. Well it’s only the beginning of month February but I’m feeling that I’m already in month of July.. How can that be…? Just read on..

Deep inside my heart I had a feeling that this year is going to be very fast…time is running.. Sometimes I wonder … can I just turn back the clock.. well sure I can.. but in reality times never stop.. every second every millisecond and so forth…

One major event for me this year is… the coming of our third child.. yea… let me just tell the whole world that I’ve another 13 weeks to go… and that’s why I’m already feeling myself is in month of July… May and June I’ll be away from the office… by the time I come back to work it’s already second half of 2009… cepatnyaaaaaaa

Even now I’m rushing to complete whatever job I need to do… this month would be the last month I’ll be able to travel to outstation.. job requirement :D …what to do… carrying my big belly around really makes me tired… and those who know me personally .. Lack of stamina hahahha.. Easily gets tired.. nda cukup glukosa :D

Another major event for me is happening in June .. but I’ll make sure everything is ready by err.. next month March … just in case I delivered my little one much earlier than expected… and everyday I write notes on my table .. whatever pending… err just in case I delivered early…hahahha.. so somebody knows what needs to be done…

Besides that another BIG EVENT for me is in August.. Our 5th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.. woweeeee……. hubby.. we managed to go thru the first 5 years … according to this source

Our’s would be :
Wood Anniversary with Daisy Flowers

This is one of hubby’s picture collection coz he loves photography… more of his collection